Study mission on the development plan for the hold baggage handling system at Geneva airport (Switzerland).

11 Mar 2018

Baggage sorting system Geneva

Date of achievement: 2017

Project objective: Complete renovation of the baggage sorting system on departure and arrival from Geneva airport. This is a major project for the airport which started in 2016 and will finish in 2023.

Description of the installation

TG concept is involved in consulting and project management assistance. TG concept is in charge of the process part of the BLC and assists the airport from the initial design phases to commissioning and operational analyses.


  • Studies of baggage handling systems with:
  • Integration of the new EDS standard 3
  • Security operator analysis time of up to 120 seconds
  • Off-format EDS integrated online in the system
  • Add more flexibility and system redundancy
  • Integration of an EBS
  • Complete overhaul of management systems, facility management (IT)
  • Creation of technical specifications for calls for tenders
  • Work done under BIM

Keys to success

  • Good analysis of customer needs
  • Very strong involvement with project teams


  • The ODA phase (SIA 32) was completed in 2017
  • Calls for tender to integrators are under way and the incumbent will be selected in early 2019.

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