Baggage handling system

Assisting you in your baggage handling project

TG concept provide services for airport baggage handling systems to meet your needs.

Our project management integrates all the trades: technological choices (sorters etc.), electromechanics, automation, IT, project management, interfaces with architects and various trades.

  • Detailed design and realization of turnkey systems
  • Technical studies
  • Integration of standard 3 EDS and different security levels
  • Interface management
  • Project Management

Processing solutions for all types of baggage

From baggage check-in to handling and sorting, TG concept will help you define the best technical solutions:

  • Checkin
  • Transport
  • Sortation
  • HBS
  • Storage
  • Make-up

Jean-Marie DELECROIX Key Account Manager, TG concept, Lyon

We offer multiple solutions to determine the technological solution best suited to your needs, your teams and your constraints.

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